We're changing the way commercial real estate does business.

Through data democratization, machine learning, and an in-depth knowledge of the commercial real estate industry, we contribute to healthier, more efficient spaces.

“Our first priority - the thing that gets us out of bed and brings us into work every day - is catalyzing a change in this industry. The places we work, the places we live and the places we play can all be healthier, more comfortable, and more efficient. And we can have a hand in making that happen.”

Logan Soya, Founder & CEO

Our Mission

Aquicore creates global impact by helping our clients connect to and better understand the built environment. 

Meet Our Leadership Team

Logan Soya

Logan Soya

Founder & CEO
Logan grew up on the space coast watching rockets take flight. He holds an MS from the Florida Institute of Technology and completed his MBA at Georgetown, where he was inspired to found Aquicore.

Mike Donovan

VP, Product
With a master’s in computer science from Johns Hopkins, Mike leads Aquicore's product team. He specializes in building web and mobile applications and cloud-native architectures.

Roy Illingworth

VP, Operations
Roy draws on over 25 years of telecoms and consumer electronics experience to oversee Aquicore’s operations and wireless networking. He received a master’s in digital systems from Brunel University London.

Anna Buglaeva

VP, Growth
Born and raised in St. Petersburg, Russia, Anna leads Aquicore's business development. She completed her bachelor’s in international business at George Washington University.

Our Awards

Join Our Team

Aquicore employees own their success with competitive stock options and salaries that match the trust placed in them.

Outstanding medical, dental and vision coverage that comes with a membership program for One Medical and Washington Sports Club, plus employee 401(k) plans.

We believe in a healthy work-life balance. That means no hard limits on vacation time, flexible hours and a work from home policy.

Aquicore rewards hard work and dedication with opportunities to learn, advance and grow with the company.

As we edge toward our 100th employee, we’re proud to have kept a close-knit culture of smart people who enjoy spending time together.

Yes, we’re a startup. We’ve got the keg of craft beer, the cold brew on tap, the standing desks and catered lunches. We even have a stack of board games in the kitchen.


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