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Creating global impact by helping our clients connect to and understand their physical world.


  • Building Economics
    Building Economics
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    Sustainable Portfolio
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Making Buildings Smarter

Aquicore is at the forefront of connected environments, fostering seamless and simple data exchanges between our physical, global, and digital environments.

Aquicore’s platform delivers actionable business intelligence to building managers and operators, empowering them to make fast and efficient decisions to continuously create value.


What We Do

The Aquicore platform compiles real-time data from your buildings through existing or new meters and submeters.

Our products enhance buildings operations and bring meters to life through tools such as comprehensive energy analytics, tenant billing, and meter management. Learn more about our platform


A Portfolio-Grade Solution

Aquicore bridges the gap between data collection, analysis, and action. From fast delivery to customer success, Aquicore’s Team is dedicated to empowering all of your teams to succeed with the data you need, centralized in one platform. Learn more about our solution

Aquicore Senior Leadership

Aquicore By the Numbers

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Aquicore Advisors

  • logan Mark H Goldstein Co-Founder, Bad Ass Advisors Managing Partner, Efficient Capacity LLC

    Mark Goldstein is a business maverick, having started a dozen companies and advising or investing in over 50 firms. He draws on his wealth of experience to advise Aquicore on business and financial strategies.

  • logan Ben Foster Former Product Manager, Opower

    Experienced in designing consumer-facing and SaaS products, Ben provides expertise in product management practice, strategy, and UX design.

  • logan Rick Bertasi Managing Director,
    Group Network Development, Regus Group

    Rick Bertasi has over 25 years experience in commercial real estate management, strategic property consulting, and facilities management. With his extensive knowledge of real estate, Rick brings a strong industry perspective to the advisory board.

  • logan Dimitri Mehlhorn COO,
    Bloomberg Law

    Former President of Bloomberg BNA Legal, brings to Aquicore his expertise about market advocacy, business strategy and talent management.

  • logan Adam Sledd Director,
    Institute For Market Transformation

    10 years of experience in the commercial real estate industry, and frequently advises Fortune 500 firms and government agencies on sustainability best practices.

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