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Why Aquicore’s Self-Install Hardware Is a Gamechanger

It’s been a long summer of announcements at Aquicore, but strap in, because we have one more. We’re excited to introduce you to this round of new devices, the latest editions of the Aquicore Hub and Bridge. The crucial upgrade this time around is that the Hub and Bridge are simple enough to be installed

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The Summer That CRE Got Serious About PropTech

Commercial real estate has a reputation for being slow to adapt to changing technology. Fairly or unfairly, the industry is maligned as one full of older executives – mostly male, mostly white – who are used to doing things the way they first learned them, newfangled inventions be damned. The word for that, if you

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Building the Aquicore Mobile App

Launching the Aquicore mobile app was a massive undertaking, requiring more than a year of work and the efforts of almost everyone on our development team. Unlike the new features on the Aquicore roadmap, the app had to be built from the ground up, making it a particularly rewarding challenge. We sat down with Trevor

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Check Out Aquicore’s New Mobile App

We warned you in our last quarterly release that some exciting new things were on the horizon. Today, we’re excited to announce the first of those exciting things with the release of our brand new, hot-off-the-presses mobile app. The app has been in the works for a long time now and it has taken the

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Tenant Billing – The Commercial Property Manager’s Cheat Sheet

Tenant billing is… complicated. Almost every building seems to do it a little bit differently, and the potential for human error in most processes is enormous. And that’s a problem; mistakes in the bill-back process make your tenants angry, and angry tenants make your life miserable. The best bet for avoiding that problem is to

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