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CRE Software Partner or Vendor? 5 Ways to Tell

This is a guest post from our partner Building Engines. Building Engines is a leading provider of facility operations software, providing tools for work order management, tenant communications, and equipment maintenance tracking. Learn more about Building Engines. Think about the last time you bought property management software. What triggered this need? A communication gap between you

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Surviving Budget Season: Tips from the Experts

Budget season is upon us. It’s the time of year when organizations begin gathering information on the financial and operational performance of their properties and going through multiple rounds of reviews until – at last – budgets for the coming year are finalized in December. We chatted with three industry experts to find out how

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Utilities and Budget Variance: An Explainer

If you’re a commercial property manager, odds are that you’ve encountered months when your property’s expenses came in higher or lower than your operating budget. This state of affairs – known as budget variance – often leads to protracted back-and-forths with engineering and asset management as everyone seeks to understand what went wrong. Is this

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Which Utility Monitoring Approach is Right for Your Portfolio?

With so many different strategies and solutions for utility monitoring on the market, it can be difficult to know which one makes the most sense for your portfolio. We’ve broken down three of the most commonly-encountered metering strategies to help you assess the best approach.  MAIN ELECTRIC MONITORING  The foundation of every energy monitoring strategy

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Celebrating National Intern Day

Summer is a very exciting time at AQ. Each year a new class of interns joins us, taking on special projects and helping us get it all done. In honor of National Intern Day, we decided to show some love to our 2019 class. Get to know them: Aisha Asghar, Finance InternStudies: Accounting at George

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