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Creating an Algorithm for Every Building

No two buildings are the same. From their equipment to their occupants, buildings have all sorts of factors that dictate operational performance and it’s up to building engineers to know every intricacy, to uncover issues, and most importantly — fix them. Once upon a time, this meant spending hours mining and analyzing building data from

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Portfolio Data Management: How Does Your Strategy Stack Up?

For owners and operators, portfolio data (i.e. data about how individual portfolio assets are operating and consuming energy) is the foundation for taking advantage of competitive insights and improving performance. But what steps should you be taking to ensure you’re really getting the most from your portfolio’s data?

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3 Keys to Cost-Effective Utility Budgeting

With good management, utilities are the main line items you can have an impact on to create savings for your operating budget. But simply going off the information in your paper bills is not enough. Your bills will not tell you when and what caused peak charges or if your consumption to demand ratio is normal for your building.

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The Performance Optimization Checklist

At Aquicore, we are serious about helping owners and operators collect and operationalize data to improve the revenue-generating potential of commercial properties. We do this by giving customers the tools to build a performance optimization program for their portfolios.

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A New Milestone in the Evolution of Proptech

As we look to the future of Aquicore, newly combined with Entic, I am privileged to have the opportunity to usher in our next phase of growth. We’re changing the way commercial real estate does business – integrating these organizations is just the start. At Aquicore, we made the decision to acquire Entic because we

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