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3 Ways Corporate Offices Benefit From Real-Time Monitoring

Corporate culture is a competitive advantage, plain and simple. So, providing the best technology to optimize sustainability advances company initiatives and enhances the office for employees. Real-time energy monitoring improves sustainability in buildings while making the lives of both tenants and building operators better.

Here are 3 ways real-time monitoring helps companies achieve their goals.


Smart Buildings For Smart Employees

Do you find yourself in the midst of a talent battle, fighting unicorn startups and tech giants alike for the best employees? Good news: employee engagement, company culture, and corporate responsibility initiatives are key factors when employees are selecting a new company. Give top talent a smart building to work in.

Even though commercial buildings house the most advanced tech companies, they have not been the subject of innovation. Buildings can be “smart,” just like the employees they house. However, the vast opportunities to extract data from buildings is largely untapped. Real-time monitoring can light up information on energy, water, and gas consumption, thus allowing operators and tenants to understand how much they consume.

With this data, updated minute-by-minute, they can make smart choices about operational changes and witness the effects of their efforts. When this information is paired with integrated workplace management systems (IWMS), tenants will have additional transparency into their energy, water, and gas consumption compared to the occupants in their space, allowing them to make the best resource management choices.


Sustainability as a Market Differentiator

No one wants to say it, but we’re not sure why: companies like to market their sustainability and corporate responsibility. And they should – they’re making decisions that reflect a healthy bottom line (that’s right; you can cut back on your operating expenses by 20-30%) and a positive impact on the environment. So, if these decisions already fit your company culture, why not use this to your advantage?

Companies want to have the best sustainability record because it’s a competitive advantage for both external relations and internal morale. So, use the best technologies to achieve this goal. Real-time energy, water, and gas monitoring shows the company cares about its impact on the environment because it is using the most advanced technology to track its utility use. Each adjustment made will show in the data to help building and office managers make informed decisions about the changes they make.

A real-time energy management system will provide frequent, accurate data on the results of your efforts, which strengthens your argument and competitive advantage. Since you put in the hard work, promote your results! Take it a step further by publishing a sustainability report on your space; executives, stakeholders, employees, and the public will be glad to understand what you have accomplished.


Energy Benchmarking and Tenant Star Reporting Made Easy

Energy benchmarking has spread across cities and counties in the US, requiring property managers and owners to report the building’s energy consumption over the past year. This information must be submitted to the Energy Star Portfolio Manager online to be compared to similar use buildings.

Now, similar requirements are on the table for tenants. Tenant Star, a program lead by the Department of Energy, will require tenants to be more involved in their buildings’ energy consumption reduction programs. Although energy benchmarking programs have been widely successful, tenant behavior can offset the good work of building managers. With both of these sides working together, the energy reduction possibilities become exponentially easier to attain. Real-time energy monitoring will allow constant updates for both parties in this effort. With a good energy management system, both parties can even automate their energy data submission, creating a seamless, simple way to comply with energy reporting requirements.


In the battle for the best office space, both tenants and building managers will want to gain a competitive advantage to attract the best talent and companies. With real-time energy, simple changes can be made that will drastically improve the personality of a space.

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