A New Tool For You: Aquicore’s Real Estate & Energy Dictionary

“What’s that word I’m thinking of?”

When it comes to commercial real estate and energy, you’ll never have to ask that question again.

Introducing Aquicore’s Energy & Real Estate Dictionary to help you navigate the jargon-laden industry. Let’s be honest: these terms are confusing. Now, you have one central place to find definitions and terms to be precise in what you say. Each term has links to blog posts, resources, and related terms to help you find exactly what you need.


So Many Lease Structures, So Little Time: Let Us Help.

On the CRE side, this commercial real estate dictionary will help define modified, full gross, and triple net leases; building codes, standards, and policies like CA Title 24 and LEED v.4; and existing building upgrades such as retrocommissioning and continuous commissioning.


Commercial Real Estate Tech + Energy Management Software: Explained.

In the growing field of energy management, many new terms try to keep up with the advancing commercial real estate technology. Real-time energy data was not on engineers’ radar 10 years ago; that being said, concepts such as peak demand charges, freeze protection, and shoulder months have been around for decades. We have also broken down metering technologies, from ultrasound water meters to submetering tenants.

Though we have core definitions down, this effort will be continuously updated. Check back in future weeks for new terms and let us know about ones that we missed by emailing me at kelia.cowan@aquicore.com!

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