Aquicore’s First High Energy Happy Hour! October 13, 2014 | Caroline Lane

Last Wednesday, Aquicore’s first High Energy Happy Hour started off October with a bang. At the Downtown Renaissance Hotel in DC, we were given a cap of 150 guests, yet more than 180 people attended.The Happy Hour brought together real estate and energy professionals to catch up with old friends and network with potential partners.




Before the event, CEO Logan Soya spoke at the WEEC Conference across the street at the convention center. He and Ecore’s Brian Uher discussed the monetary values of real-time commissioning, and the technological keys that make it possible.


Overall, the day was a huge success, and our team even had some time for laughs at the end of the night.



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About The Author Caroline Lane was the Senior Marketing Manager for Aquicore between 2013 and 2016. She is now the Director of Marketing at Natural Insight.