BECO Summer Heat Wave Case Study

imgresDuring the week of July 15th, most people in the mid-Atlantic area were complaining about the heat – and rightly so. Temperatures were reaching record highs, with the heat index (a measure of human-perceived temperature) peaking at 115 degrees Fahrenheit.

Building engineers and facility managers in the region were also feeling the heat. Struggling to balance tenant comfort with tight budgets, they each faced a dilemma they had seen all too many times: cut the AC during non-working hours or keep the AC running 24/7. When push comes to shove, tenant comfort trumps energy savings every time.
Air ConditionersSo inevitably, most building managers chose the more expensive option of cooling their buildings both day and night – simply because they lack the real-time feedback to implement new management strategies, quantify savings, and feel confident about tenant comfort.

However, one building manager – using Aquicore’s real-time monitoring and reporting – was able to break this vicious cycle of missing feedback and save $800 in one building…in just 1 week. To learn how, contact us today by emailing

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