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The Value of Smart Cities

Enabling Smart Cities and Smart Buildings is a cornerstone of Aquicore’s capabilities. The ability to collect real-time and actionable information about city infrastructure is revealed in a couple recent articles which bring up some great points that we’ve been focusing on here while hard at work…

Today Wim Elfrink of Cisco and Rik Kirkland at McKinsey & Company released a great article on the “Smartification” of cities

“When you get to a critical mass, the data on the benefits is so compelling: a 50 percent reduction over a decade in energy consumption, a 20 percent decrease in traffic, an 80 percent improvement in water usage, a 20 percent reduction in crime rates. The concept of smart cities really sells itself.”

And then goes on to ask: How can we accelerate this transition?

McKinsey points to two trends which are helping this:


1. The Industrialization of the Internet

Leveraging sensors and the Internet of Things to bring information to the built and construction environment where it has not before – which Intel has predicted will be a $1.5 trillion-a-year business and offer another $2 trillion annually in new services.


2. Open Data Architecture

Better protocols and global open standards, like those that enabled the growth and connectivity of the Internet can help create new ecosystems and leverage the value of this information

Aquicore is right with you McKinsey. These are two of our core principles which we develop our product by and look for!

For those of you interested, here is another article GreenBiz wrote on a similar topic.

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