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When we meet with clients I am always gratified by how excited they are when they demo our software. This excitement makes sense, of course.  Often times these clients are used to managing enormous and diverse portfolios of commercial buildings with antiquated tools that are clumsy and frustrating to use.


Imagine this as your dashboard for running your building:

1954 Super Clipper

And they are keenly aware of the limitations of the tools at their disposal. This is because although the tools they use at work are behind the times, they are fluent in the advanced mobile technology on their iPhone or Android device, they love reading on their iPad or tablet, and they are accustomed to the cloud software they use to access personal email and other information.

This is closer to what our clients experience everywhere except at work:


Our clients recognize what an intuitive user experience should feel like and they crave that experience in their energy management tools.  In fact, we get most of our ideas for our software from our clients who are always more than happy to share deficiencies and opportunities in their day to day software interactions.  The bottom line is that commercial building managers are ready for innovation.

They want tools they want to use, that help them to be more effective, and we are proud to be in a position to make that happen.


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