Shop Talk: The 3 Types of Water Meters

Hi there! I’m Megan McCallion, another Aquicore-ian project engineer. In this post, I’m going to go into detail about the three types of modern water meters.  All three types of meter use different strategies to measure how much water is flowing through a pipe, and these differences mean that they are appropriate for different situations. …

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Utilizing Submeter Data For Better Building Management

When working to achieve a particular goal on your property, submetering is often your answer. Coupled with a good energy management software, submeters provide insights that enable property managers to go far beyond traditional operations information. Utilizing the right submeter technology, a property manager can build better relationships with tenants, promote building sustainability, and cut …

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3 Reasons Building Tenants Want Their Space Submetered

If your tenants haven’t asked you to submeter their space already, they may soon. Submetering helps tenants to ensure that their leasing structure is fair, to see the return on investment yielded by their energy-saving projects, and to identify themselves as sustainability leaders. And as all of your energy goals – whether they are to save …

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In Landlord Balancing Act, Submetering Is The Secret Tool

It’s no secret that large commercial and residential buildings consume a vast amount of energy every day. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates 30% of energy consumption in US commercial buildings is actually wasted; meanwhile, the Department of Energy estimates that a simple 10% reduction in commercial building energy consumption would result in $40B collected savings.

Real Estate Technology

How New Real Estate Tech Companies Are Shaping Traditional CRE [Part 3]

Identifying and implementing the best real estate technology tools for your team are the most challenging pieces of the commercial real estate tech puzzle. Logan Soya, Founder and CEO of Aquicore, sat down to discuss the best way to approach this challenge with Scott Sidman, Senior Vice President at Building Engines. Part one of the Q&A …

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Water Meter

Pick The Right Water Meter For You

Water meters with real-time capabilities are an increasingly demanded part of building operations. Property managers are tapping into their existing utility meters or installing new ones to gain real-time insights to their water consumption. There are four major reasons why you, too, should consider getting more from your water meter: Fault Detection: Identify malfunctions in …

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Smart Meter Data

How Smart Meter Data Changes Building Operations

Seems like everything nowadays is becoming smart. Smart watch, smart home, and now smart…meters? That’s right! Even utility meters are becoming “smart” as technologies now allow a two-way communication between the meter readings and utility or third-party platforms, allowing the “Internet of Things” to increase building operations efficiency.

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