[eBook Release]: Adopt Real Estate Technology to Increase Tenant Retention

For the most part, commercial real estate companies only adopt new technology and tools for one of three reasons:


  1. They’re following their competition

  2. They’re giving in to tenant demand

  3. They’re adhering to government mandates

In truth, these should be the three reasons for changing practices:
  1. Saving time

  2. Saving money

  3. Making tenants happy

Implementing new technologies can be tricky, especially when it comes to getting your team to actually adopt the new practices. For our  new eBook we partnered with industry experts to  walk you through the steps to choose and implement the right technology, train your team, and use technology as a competitive advantage.

Step 1: Choose and Implement the Right Real Estate Technology

The right technology will facilitate your current operations, instead of changing them. It will also be user-friendly, within your budget, and easy to upgrade and integrate with other tools.
When looking at new technology, the actual hardware and software are not the only thing to consider. You also need to take a look at the vendor providing it. A great vendor will make the implementation process clear and easy, take the time to help you get your team set up, and provide you with an account manager for you to ask questions later.

Step 2: Train Your Team on Real Estate Technology

Implementation requires a simple three step formula. First comes awareness. It’s your job to identify all of the possible technologies that could help your business before choosing one. Next is education. Your team will not understand why they need a new tool unless they know what it is, how they are going to use it, and how it will directly benefit them. Finally, you need an evangelist to help lead the team to success.

Step 3: Use Real Estate Technology as a Competitive Advantage

The future of real estate technology revolves around tenant management and tenant engagement. For example, providing tenants with portals where they can track their own energy consumption will motivate them to conserve energy. When you give tenants data, feedback, and attention they will treat your building better, and they will want to stay longer.
Right now you have two choices. You can either go ahead and buy that new technology you’ve been eyeing, or you can read this eBook to make sure you have all the information you need before making the decision.
Go ahead. Download the free eBook! It’s packed with expert testimonials to help you through the process.
Free Ebook Download: Adopt Real Estate Technology

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