Tenant Bill Back Program

Here is Your Free Tenant Bill-Back Calculator

If you want to submeter your tenants, but you cannot transition all of them at once, finding out how much to bill each tenant at the end of the month can become tricky.

As a solution, we created the Tenant Bill-Back Calculator.

This tool will help you figure out what each bill should be while you transition some of your tenants to submetered bill-back and keep other leases unchanged, ultimately improving and stabilizing your bottom line.

Here are three ways to use the calculator:


1. Transfer From All-Inclusive to Submetered Triple Net Billing

With a gross lease, landlords are responsible for the energy consumption variation. With submetering, tenants become responsible for their own consumption variation. The risk assumed by landlords is considerably reduced. The calculator will show you how much risk you will save by submetering tenant by tenant.


2. Transfer From Prorated to Submetered Triple Net Billing

If you currently bill your tenants for utilities based on their proportion of the building but want to submeter some of their spaces instead, this part of the calculator will help you make the necessary changes to make billing fair for your tenants.


3. Transfer From Prorated and Gross to Submetered Triple Net Billing

If you currently offer gross leases and prorated net of electric leases in the same building and want to transition to submetered net of electric leasing, this calculator makes it simple.

This calculator gives you predictability for how your bottom line will be affected when you switch to triple net billing, no matter what your current billing structure is.

So what are you waiting for? Download the calculator!

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