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How More Property Managers are Managing Smarter

Property managers want less cost-prohibitive upgrades, but may not believe there are realistic opportunities for older buildings.

Of course the tools are there and many building owners and property managers can see the road to meaningful improvement, but optimization feels out of reach due to the price tag. Making expensive, extensive overhauls to utility systems and equipment isn’t the only solution.

So how do you manage smarter – not more expensively?

Submetering Solutions Make Energy Efficiency Possible

Real-time energy monitoring arms property managers with the power to make informed decisions, to identify opportunities to improve efficiency, and to measure and refine the impact of changes. It works through submetering solutions – which are simpler than you think.

New commercial real estate technology companies are challenging the idea that building operators with older properties cannot afford to manager smarter. By utilizing the latest in data collection technology, these tools are enabling building operators to make more informed decisions on their energy consumption.

Bringing Old Meters to Life

The best real-time energy monitoring systems integrate with existing meters, delivering on submetering solutions without invasive rewiring or other expensive retrofits.

The sub-panels are equipped to push real-time data directly to the cloud, leapfrogging over the price barrier that many managers associate with upgrades to older buildings. These cloud-enabled submeters are small, unobtrusive, and easy to install – making it easy to scale to the size of any project and install in less than two weeks.

Once a building’s existing meters are linked to real-time energy monitoring, users can start receiving data and save an average of 10-20% with low-cost or no-cost data-driven energy savings right away.

How Can You Manage Smarter with Real-Time Data?

Complementing cloud-enabled panel meters with analytics software reveals energy saving opportunities that can be tackled without further investment. Equipment may be running on the weekends or off-hours when there isn’t enough demand to warrant it, or energy usage may be spiking or dipping at the same time every three days.

If you’re waiting until the monthly bill arrives in the mail or even relying on interval reports, you may be missing the red flags that inflate your energy costs. Urgent problems can go overlooked because vague, untimely data doesn’t pinpoint the root cause.

With real-time energy monitoring software, you receive an alert within minutes of an irregularity and can take action with detailed knowledge of the issue – without setting foot in the basement. It starts with smart submetering solutions that will bring your building up to speed.

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