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Maintaining an Energy Efficient Old Building is Easier Than You Think

When you think of older buildings, do you consider them to be good candidates for energy efficiency improvements? Many people don’t, due to the misconception that investments would not be cost-effective.

However, improving efficiencies in old facilities can be can be done easily with little to no capital investment. Today’s Facility Manager is hosting a webinar on November 12th at 2 pm EST, on this very subject, to help you seize saving opportunities. Here is a quick overview:

Step 1. Collect and Analyse Real-time Energy Data


The days of taking your cup of coffee and walking your entire building to get energy insights are over. With web-enabled and wireless meters, getting energy data out of the basement of your buildings is quick, easy & affordable. You can get up and running in less than 14 days!


Step 2. Optimize your Building

From there, you can clearly identify opportunities for improvement. From operational changes to easy fixes, you can quickly start saving on your energy bills, regardless of the age of your commercial buildings. And we are talking big savings! It is not uncommon to see a reduction of 30% to 40% on energy spending with only quick fixes, especially in buildings that have been overlooked for a long time.


Step 3. Get the Right Building Control System

Once you get to this stage, it is time to make sure your building won’t drift away from optimal performance. The best way to do this is to get control systems in place such as a Building Automation System (BAS). Here are key factors to consider when choosing your BAS:

  • Is it an open platform?
  • Is it able to interface with the building’s equipment?
  • Can it efficiently control the building’s equipment?
  • Do you get a remote access (optional)?


Step 4. Share Results and Engage your Team

Did you do all this already? Awesome! Then this step will be your favorite: share your success with your team! This is a great opportunity to share best practices and provide your company with a scalable way to improve their profit (and get the recognition you deserve)! Our advice? Make your success into a case study (or even an easily shareable one-pager).

Voilà! You are all set to be an energy and building champion!

Want to get more detailed insights on how to achieve those goals? Watch the webinar now and find out how Promark Real Estate Services reduced the energy consumption of the 30-year-old building by 30% in just a few months.


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