Why You Should Make Energy Efficiency Your New Year’s Resolution

Guest coauthor: Meredith Marsh, Green Building Consultant for Baumann Consulting
If we’re guessing correctly, you made a few resolutions last week. Maybe they were to go to the gym more, eat healthier, call your parents more often, or argue with your significant other less.

Personal resolutions are important, but so are professional resolutions. Generally, we make resolutions to improve our lives, so our professional resolutions should make our jobs easier, and our bosses and clients happier.
If you’re a property manager, facility manager, building engineer, or building owner, what do you need to do to make your job easier and your bosses and clients happier?

We have a few ideas for you.


What do these things have to do with energy efficiency?

Great Question!

Now that you have a few resolution ideas, it’s time to think about when and how you’re going to accomplish these goals. If you’re looking to make resolutions to improve in any of these areas, you might be surprised to find that energy efficiency is often the answer.


Goal #1: Increase Tenant Satisfaction

How Energy Efficiency Helps: Energy efficiency doesn’t mean your tenants will be uncomfortable. In fact, it means the exact opposite. When you’re operating your buildings efficiently, you’re taking advantage of economizers and avoiding coincident runs, giving you optimal control over your buildings. This lets you keep them at a comfortable temperature without using competing energy sources.

Goal #2: Save Money

How Energy Efficiency Helps: Energy efficiency isn’t expensive; it is actually quite the opposite. In fact, a few simple changes such as changing your scheduling or lowering your baseload won’t cost you anything, won’t make anyone uncomfortable, and will save you a ton of money!

Goal #3: Protect The Environment

Why Energy Efficiency Matters: It may have been low on your priority list last year, but you should start this year off strong with the environment being a primary consideration. The way we treat the environment should follow the Golden Rule: if we expect the environment to protect us, then we need to do our part to protect it too. Plus, we owe it to future generations to let them live in a clean and sustainable world, don’t we?

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