Centralized Portfolio Data

Technological Keys to Centralized Portfolio Data

Energy data can be extracted from buildings in a few different ways. Historically, the Building Management System (BMS) has stored all of the data in the basement of the building, requiring an engineer to manually read the LED screen to collect the data.

Another option is to attach meters to existing utility data collection points, to send energy data to a cloud-based service, where it can be centralized and shared across teams. Metering is cost-effective and pragmatic given new technologies that make installations cheaper and easier.

New Technologies: Web-Enabled Meters and Wireless Meters

Over the last few years, metering has become a much simpler, faster, and cheaper process. Real-time metering systems can be web-enabled, meaning their data is accessible anywhere, and anytime, allowing all key decision makers to access necessary information. Instead of having to enter a basement to read the BMS or physically read LED screens around the building. Web-enabled meters allow you to access all of the data on the cloud.
Wireless meters also remove the necessity to pull wires across a building to connect multiple meters. Additionally, wireless meters eliminate system integration costs. This offers much lower equipment costs and significantly shorter installation times.


Submetering is Now Feasible for Smaller Buildings

Submetering has usually been saved for large, complex buildings, because the process has been expensive. With wireless meters, they can be connected with a much lower cost making submetering energy use a more viable option for smaller establishments.

Submeters allow you to breakdown your building by use or space, so you can see exactly how energy is being spent. This allows for more efficient collaboration across a team, because you no longer have to dig to find the source of a problem. With data centralization, every team member can be alerted when there is a problem with the lighting or HVAC.


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