Thanksgiving Energy Savings

Thanksgiving is just a few days away. As you prepare to spend time with family & friends, watch football, and feast on turkey (or tofurkey – we’re looking at you Cousin Greg,) remember that your tenants also be away and your buildings mostly empty.  A 200,000-sq. ft. building could spend more than $2,000 per day on energy alone. If your buildings are vacant, you could save half (or more!) of your daily energy spend.  For a typical Thanksgiving holiday that could mean several thousand dollars off your energy bill. Here are a few tips to optimize your savings:

Nighttime Setbacks for the Entire Week

At the building level, make sure nighttime setbacks are active when the building is unoccupied, not just at night. The building can be cooler and non-emergency lights can be turned off.

Pro-Tip: If you’re in a cold weather area, make sure to consider freeze protection, before lowering the building’s temperature for several days on end.

Control your Common Spaces

Before taking off for the holiday, walk your building and ensure everything with a switch if off.  Set all VAV boxes in common spaces to the coolest, safe temperature for your building. Unplug anything with a plug (except refrigerators!) including coffee machines, lamps, and printers.

Pro-Tip: Set SMS or email alerts on your building’s consumption to alert you if something turns on or goes wrong over the holiday.  Any good Energy Management System should take care of this for you.

Ask Tenants for Help

To maximize your savings, you’ll need help from your tenants to ensure their individual spaces are operating at the lowest possible energy levels.  To help you remind them, we created a quick email you can send directly to your tenants (click here) reminding them to:

  • Turn off all lights
  • Unplug everything that can be unplugged (computers, chargers, power strips)
  • Turn thermostats down in their offices
Prepare for Monday Morning

A normal Monday startup is only recovering from two days of baseload operation.  Extended shutdowns usually require an earlier startup because you have a colder building and need some extra time to turn on and plug in everything you unplugged. 

After-holiday building start-ups typically begin a few hours earlier.  This gives your building a little extra time to warm before letting cool outside air in for ventilation. An earlier start will also help you avoid high consumption and costly demand charges that may be especially expensive on Monday following a holiday when everyone else is starting back up.

Following these four tips can help get your mind off your building and onto your holiday, friends & family!


Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Aquicore!

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