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Top 6 Coveted Tenant Amenities Revealed

“Location, location, location. And a big kitchen!”
These are typical homebuyer feature requests. Of course, businesses seeking new office space have different priorities. As millennials enter the workforce, tenants’ requests evolve, and a large kitchen is now a selling point as much as location.

Here are the top six features tenants look for in a commercial office space (in no particular order):


1.Fitness facility with showers and towel service: Investing in employee wellness is the new trend. Company fitness facilities keep employees healthy, happy, and productive.  Providing these spaces promotes employee satisfaction and keeps businesses competitive. Showers and towel service are especially important features, as they ensure employees can transition easily from workout to workday.


2.Rooftop deck with Wi-Fi: Rooftop decks offer ideal spots for lunch breaks and catered events. Decks with Wi-Fi access are especially desirable, as they enable employees to take a breath of fresh air while remaining productive.


3.Secure indoor bike storage: Many employees are now biking to work, especially those living in big cities. It is important these workers know their equipment is secure during the workday.  Providing a locked storage room that protects their bikes and component gear from theft and bad weather will give  much-needed peace of mind.


4.Access to public transportation: An office that’s close to a Metro or bus stop is a huge plus, especially for employees who wish to avoid the costs – either temporal or financial – of driving.


5.Floors with communal kitchen areas: Communal kitchens are a great central gathering space. When outfitted with lots of seating, they become excellent sites for catching up with colleagues and provide a more comfortable alternative to huddling around the water cooler.


6.Green buildings with advanced technology: Tenants are taking an interest in LEED-certified, environmentally friendly offices that save on energy costs and protect the environment. These buildings often provide advanced technologies (like submetering) that help businesses monitor and control their energy consumption



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