[Webinar] Use Energy Insights to Optimize Your Building

Aquicore puts energy insights about your building into your hands that would be difficult or impossible to gather manually, but taking those insights and applying them to your specific building can still be a challenge. Join us for a digital webinar on Wednesday, September 27, at 9:30 a.m. to learn how World Bank Head Engineer Jeb Smith and other Aquicore experts apply what they learn in the Aquicore platform to optimize their buildings.

The World Bank headquarters is a modern, 1,324,400 sq. ft. building on Pennsylvania Avenue in downtown Washington, D.C. It stands at 13 stories and features a 150 foot wide covered courtyard, linear watercourses, and a horizontally striated glass façade. These design elements give the building a powerful urban presence in the capital and helped it to win three AIA awards, but they also present clear challenges for the resource-conscious engineer.

Smith will join Aquicore product experts Julia D’Amico and Travis Outten to talk through the finer points of operating a large property efficiently using the Aquicore platform. They’ll discuss using utility consumption insights that help you stay within your target budget. This includes a recent feature that tracks utility use throughout the month and shows whether you’re on track to meet your goals or not. They’ll also talk about monitoring your building’s baseload and methods for identifying areas where energy is being wasted overnight. Finally, the discussion will cover validating and optimizing your building’s BMS schedule to maximize energy savings.

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Wednesday, September 27 at 9:30 a.m. ET

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