Your Work Matters: Nominate Someone BOLD

Commercial real estate professionals literally keep the world running. Even if they never think about it, from the moment a tenant walks through the door of their building they are benefiting from the work you do.

From adjusting careful HVAC settings, to maintaining light levels, to performing upkeep on landscaping – the CRE industry makes business possible for their tenants.

Unfortunately a property management company usually only comes top of mind when a tenant is experiencing a problem they need to solve, rather than when things are going right. Ideally the operations of a buildings are invisible to the tenant since they are so smooth. We know though that behind every smooth day in the building, there exists hard working professionals who are diligent about the care of their buildings.

We hear stories everyday about the incredible work being done to make the modern office comfortable, productive, and efficient and we want to make sure they are heard and recognized.

To create a spirit of recognition for the brave new ideas pioneered by CRE professionals we and our partners created the BOLD Awards last year. By popular demand we are bringing them back again this year on October 5th. Nominating yourself or a team member is a great way to make sure your work is recognized and appreciated in the market.

Our panel of expert judges will be ranking achievements based on innovation (creative new problem solving), human impact (improving comfort or productivity), and environmental impact (advancing efficiency or sustainability goals), across five award categories. New this year is the opportunity to vote for finalists across all categories for the People’s Choice Award from September 15th and October 4th.

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Nominations are open from August 17th to September 7th. Finalists will be notified by September 28th.  Winners will be announced at the awards party on October 5th. Join the movers and shakers of the industry for bowling, drinks, and food. Use the promo “Friends of Aquicore” for free admission!  

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