Bridging the Gap Between Hardware and Software

Our flexible approach meets your real-time data collection needs

  • Meter Mapping
  • System Installation
  • Software Configuration
  • Expert Commissioning

Meter Mapping

You know what data you want to see. We know how to collect it. Our expert delivery team will map out your systems and determine the most effective points for us to connect to existing meters or to install new ones.


  • Install meters for any resource or level of detail.
  • Existing meters can be easily connected to our system.
  • Meters and data gateways are located unobtrusively, not in work spaces.


System Installation

We pride ourselves at providing a truly end-to-end service, so kick up your feet! We’ll handle all the heavy lifting. Ordering parts, managing contractors, and keeping everything on schedule? That’s all us.


  • Minimal on-site presence.
  • Professional, vetted contractors.
  • End-to-end service.


Software Configuration

Other companies might drop you into an unfamiliar platform with nothing but your wits to guide you, but we take the time to stick around and make sure you and our software are getting along.


  • Our friendly customer success team will talk you through the ins and outs of the solution.
  • The team will create a digital map of your building’s data collectors.
  • All of your collectors will be configured to confirm communication with the platform.


Expert Commissioning

Our engineers would never trust a meter that hasn’t been tested, and we extend that work ethic to our customers. In the weeks after installation, our metering experts use several methods to verify that the process has gone correctly, that all meters are working properly, and that the data coming through the platform is correct.


  • A second set of eyes verifies that all meters are properly installed.
  • Analysis of several data types indicates whether meters are producing reliable data.
  • One last check makes sure that the right meter data is finding its way to the platform.

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