HVAC Analytics

Stay ahead of equipment issues, comfort complaints, energy waste and building inefficiencies, and find meaningful savings that impact your bottom line.

Gain Transparency into Core Building Systems

Go under the hood of your BAS. Aquicore sheds light on the inner works of core building systems and stores valuable historical data that would otherwise be lost.

Find Savings and Grow Asset Value

Aquicore analyzes your data and identifies areas for savings. Our process is proven to find significant savings opportunities and help you hit operational and sustainability targets.

Mitigate Risk and Avoid Drift

Stay ahead of costly equipment and building issues. Aquicore scans for anomalies and hidden inefficiencies, alerting onsite teams to take action before spending or comfort are impacted.

Empower Onsite Teams

No more data overload; no more analysis paralysis. Aquicore generates meaningful, actionable and context-driven prescriptions, so that building teams can always do their best work.

Key Features

Continuous Diagnostics
Remote Energy Monitoring
Automated Sympton Detection
prescription (1)
Prescription Delivery
Air-Side/Plant-Side HVAC Analytics

We Help You Solve:

Core building systems, like HVAC and your BMS, can be a black box. The Aquicore platform finds the issues that your building can’t alert you to and your onsite teams are unable to see, shedding light on problem areas, reducing the risk of unplanned maintenance costs, and helping you ensure peak performance.

Your building’s HVAC system can represent 30-60% of your utility spend, and that’s before you get to maintenance, labor and capital repairs. The Aquicore solution runs advanced diagnostics on setpoint adherence, functional adherence, design adherence, and performance adherence, giving you a 360° view of your system’s health and efficiency.

Aquicore helps you stay ahead of drift, before it impacts your safety, comfort and bottom line. Our diagnostics are proven to find meaningful optimizations that lower overall utility spend and increase the efficiency of your operations.

Don’t waste time analyzing large, complex datasets to find the needle in the haystack. Aquicore is a force multiplier for your team, providing round-the-clock monitoring of your buildings and surfacing valuable insights that are ready to be acted on.

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