Create a Powerful Building Data Ecosystem

Streamline Building Operations With An Integrated Software Experience

  • Automation
  • Collaboration
  • Insights
  • Extensible Architecture

Let’s Take More Tasks Off Your Plate


Take advantage of our best-in-class data collection with integrations that provide advanced process automation. Automate work orders, tenant invoicing, and third party reporting.


Make Your Team More Effective... Together


Free yourself from email clutter and static Excel spreadsheets. Seamlessly share data across teams to simplify facility and lease management, accounting and capital project management.


Compile and Share Powerful Insights For Smart Decision Making


Aggregate disparate data on utility consumption, occupancy, maintenance, weather, and leasing on Aquicore’s platform to create a beautiful unified whole. Share these metrics with interactive kiosks and executive dashboards.


Integrate With Your Existing Tools

Extensible Architecture

Aquicore is the backbone of your buildings’ connected environment. With streamlined data collection and unlimited integration possibilities, Aquicore delivers value throughout your organization.


Our partnership with Aquicore expands our technology solutions for commercial real estate, allowing building managers to accurately streamline processes in real-time and minimize complexities that stand in the way of overseeing more efficient buildings

- Chris Gale, CEO of Angus Systems.

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