Meter Management

Manage Your Meters Anytime, Anywhere

  • Real-Time Meter Reading
  • Meter Status Tracking
  • Dynamic Riser Diagrams
  • Powerful Filtering and Searching

Real-Time Meter Reading

Your engineers will need to find a new way to get their 10,000 steps. With Aquicore, you can say goodbye to monthly clipboard meter readings and hello to down-to-the-minute energy consumption data available instantly.


  • Secure radio transmissions to pass along resource consumption data.
  • Data is transmitted to our cloud for interpretation and storage.
  • An intuitive dashboard provides instant access to resource consumption intelligence.

Meter Status Tracking

A meter going down can mean lost revenue and surprise utility bills, especially if it isn’t noticed until the end of the month. Never worry about that again with digital status tracking.


  • Monitor your meters and submeters from the comfort of your desk.
  • Receive automatic real-time alerts when a meter is acting strangely or not working at all.
  • Quickly diagnose and repair any issues before they become a problem.

Dynamic Riser Diagrams

Up-to-date riser diagrams are essential for your team to properly manage building changes and retrofits. Instead of creating new riser diagrams after every change, Aquicore helps you to generate digital riser diagrams that are simple to update.


  • Access and make changes to your dynamic riser diagrams remotely.
  • See how different elements of your electrical system fit together and quickly locate problems.
  • Collaborating with contractors or other outside teams who don’t know your system.

Powerful Filtering and Searching

An average commercial building might have dozens of meters and submeters. Across a mid-sized portfolio, the total number of meters balloons into a quantity that is difficult to manage. Powerful filtering and search tools make it easy to pinpoint the meter you’re looking for.


  • Create filters that isolate groups of meters.
  • Search by name to quickly find a specific meter.
  • Save time by finding exactly what you’re looking for.

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