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AQ Essentials

All the essential features for property teams looking to streamline and automate manual, routine work.
Streamline energy and facility routines:
  • Automated utility bill sync
  • Budget forecasting, variance and accruals
  • Non-routine adjustment tracking and reporting
  • Project tracking with impact summaries
  • Asset catalogue
  • Remote equipment and device monitoring
  • ENERGY STAR integration

AQ Professional

For teams looking to unlock the power of data and Aquicore AI to improve performance across a building or portfolio.
Everything in AQ-Essentials, plus:
  • Portfolio dashboards and custom reports
  • Project recommendations powered by Aquicore AI
  • Automated project impact calculations and measurement and verification
  • Dedicated support from AQ building systems experts
  • Additional integrations

AQ Enterprise

For advanced teams with premium assets seeking to digitize their maintenance and optimization practices.
Everything in AQ-Professional, plus:
  • Advanced equipment-level analytics powered by Aquicore AI
  • Advanced digital twin asset repository and mapping
  • Advanced project recommendations and custom analytics
  • Enterprise customer support


Tenant Billing

Automate your tenant bill-back workflow to maximize recoverables (and minimize tenant frustration).

Utility Interval Data Sync

Get utility-provided interval data in Aquicore for hardware-free remote monitoring with easy setup.

Third Party Meters and Devices

Connect Aquicore to any meter or smart building device and begin streaming data in the platform.

BMS Integration

Map and collect BMS points to get advanced analytics about building equipment performance.

Frequently asked questions

Pricing consists of an annual software subscription fee and is determined by the size and composition (ex: commercial office, hospitality) of your portfolio. 

Aquicore can collect a wide range of different types of data. Some of the most common types of data our platform collects are: utility bill data; electricity, water, gas, steam, and BTU utility data; HVAC, BMS and equipment telemetry; and air quality measures.

Aquicore is capable of collecting data using a variety of methods, including: direct bill collection via your utility company, tenant submeters, pulse meter outputs from a utility meter, BACNet or Modbus connectivity to a BMS system, via API or other web connection method, and more.

That’s OK! Our team will partner with you to understand your particular needs. We have experts on staff to help design a solution that fits your goals. Getting started with Aquicore is easy!

We are dedicated to providing training and ensuring that your team gets the most out of Aquicore. Our plans all include levels of training, support, and product help.

When your trial ends, you can keep your data and settings in the platform and become a full subscriber of AQ Essentials. You can also upgrade to AQ Professional or Enterprise, depending on your needs.

All of our plans include unlimited users, so you are free to add as many users as you like within our platform. Aquicore software licenses are based on the number of buildings.

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