Aquicore Case Studies

Real world savings, operational improvements and best practices from Aquicore clients.

Gerding Edlen

Aquicore’s real-time utility monitoring confirmed a significant billing error, resulting in a substantial, one-time refund for Gerding Edlen.

The Lenkin Company

The Lenkin Company deployed Aquicore in five of its buildings, redefining building operations and uncovering over $100k in annual savings.

Lincoln Property Company

The American Association of Medical Colleges headquarters is a 287,000-square-foot office building. LPC achieved $46k in energy savings with Aquicore’s help.

Normandy Realty

Rapid deployment aided by Aquicore’s nimble self-install process and robust platform leads to quick wins for Normandy’s portfolio.

AQ Optimization

Aquicore helped this company cut energy waste, improve tenant comfort levels, and accurately quantify the ROI of its energy-saving projects.

Oxford Properties

Oxford Properties partnered with Aquicore to better manage Gallery Place’s water and energy use. $30k worth of water savings was identified with Aquicore’s help.

Oxford Properties

Using Aquicore, Oxford Properties was able to more effectively communicate with Gallery Place tenants and gain a deeper look into building processes. 

AQ Tenant Billing

For a fraction of the cost of a meter reading service provider, this company automated monthly tenant billing and invoicing with Aquicore, saving hours of work and eliminating the risk for human error. 

The Tower Companies

When The Tower Companies launched its water monitoring pilot program, it chose Aquicore for its wireless, web-enabled meters that allowed for a quick and affordable installation. 

Washington, D.C.

As part of the Build Smart DC Initiative, the city partnered with Aquicore to implement real-time energy feedback in a centralized platform that provided transparency into each asset’s performance. 

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