What is Smart Asset Management?

Smart technology that connects us to our surroundings is advancing faster than ever before, but improvements that could reshape the built environment have been held hostage by stubborn manual processes, restrictive physical infrastructure, and outdated paper solutions. Where others see a problem, we see an opportunity.

The Vision

Our vision is a radically new kind of data platform that unlocks the true potential of the smart devices around us, helps teams work together, creates an ecosystem of interconnected applications and fosters the growth of a more empowered workforce. The Aquicore platform applies IoT computing and machine learning to help asset managers run cutting-edge portfolios. 

The Platform


The Experience

By focusing on the practices used by the leading owners and operators of assets around the world, we build user experiences that are responsive to your needs and the way you want to work.


Smart Technology Adoption

We accelerate smart device adoption in buildings, enabling IoT connectivity within minutes. Thanks to our self-install technology, entire portfolios can be up and running in days, not months.


Unlock an Ecosystem

Our unified platform offers a single point of entry for operations and performance monitoring, and is powered by a marketplace of integrated applications to help you accomplish more.

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Embrace the Power of Data

Through new applications of data science and machine learning, we help you predict and respond nimbly to changing conditions inside and outside your buildings, saving you time and money.

The Benefits

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