Utility Management

Cut operating costs and increase NOI with weather forecasts, historical performance, tariff schedules, and energy targets at your fingertips.

The Platform

Real-Time Utility Tracking

Get up-to-the-minute data on electricity, gas, water and steam use for every building in your portfolio, plus predicted use for the coming day based on weather forecasts and historical trends.

Automatic Alerts

Using machine learning, we get to know your buildings' normal behavior. We’ll detect anything that looks out of the ordinary and send you an alert to take corrective action.

Optimal Start Time

Our advanced start time algorithm gives you daily suggestions for when to start your building, driving cost savings while still ensuring tenant comfort.

Peak Load Management

Don’t get a speeding ticket! We incorporate tariff schedules and peak load analysis to help organize your operations for smaller energy bills.

Built-In Collaboration Tools

Work together more efficiently. Record in-platform notes and share with colleagues to keep everyone on the same page.

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