Save Energy During COVID-19
Learn how to optimize your operations for decreased building occupancy.
Save Energy During COVID-19
Learn how to optimize your operations for decreased building occupancy.


run on Aquicore.

Aquicore is the single platform for commercial real estate operations.

Centralize portfolio data

Aquicore collects real-time data for all the assets in your portfolio, so you can view up-to-the-minute information in a single, consolidated view.

Improve operations

With complete visibility into building performance and operations, Aquicore makes it easy to standardize business processes – and stick to them. 

Find meaningful savings

Aquicore will identify savings opportunities and areas for improvement, helping you grow the value of your assets and portfolio.


Optimize performance

Aquicore’s live utility monitoring and automatic diagnostics help you find hidden savings in your operations, exceed performance goals, and grow the value of your portfolio.


Centralize utility bills and budgets

One platform for all your utilities. Aquicore centralizes utility accounts and budgets across your portfolio and makes forecasting, accruals and variance reporting easier than ever before. 


Verify HVAC efficiency

Stay ahead of equipment issues, comfort complaints, and building inefficiencies, and find impactful savings. Aquicore helps you go under the hood of core building systems. 


Streamline tenant bill-back

Save time and increase recoverables during your tenant bill-back workflow. Aquicore automates meter readings, tariff calculations and invoicing, simplifying the billing process for you and your tenants.

Our customers are a big deal.

We’re proud to work with leading owners and operators to optimize performance and streamline operations in over 250 million square feet of commercial space.

Ready to take control of your portfolio operations? See Aquicore in action: