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The Aquicore Platform

Give your portfolio an edge. Aquicore is your single command center for asset operations, helping you manage: 



Cut operating costs and increase NOI with real-time tracking, weather normalization, historical performance, tariff schedules, and energy targets.



Shared budgets, consumption targets and up-to-the-minute performance and spend tracking throughout the month keep everyone on the same page.


Tenant Billing

We pull utility data directly from meters, apply tariff schedules, look for anomalies and generate accurate, white-labeled invoices to send to tenants.


Capital Projects

Import capital projects, assign tasks to your team, set budgets and track your progress against them.


Equipment & Data

Our secure, self-installable 4G system is fast to deploy and helps you inventory building devices and equipment.


Enterprise & Portfolio

Centralize portfolio operations. Manage teams, view top-level property KPIs at a glance and track asset performance.

Installed in Over 1,000 Buildings Nationwide

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