Energy Management Software

Energy Management Software allows entire teams to access their building’s real-time energy data from a cloud-based platform, regardless of physical location. The software allows users to see all of their buildings on one screen to compare energy consumption. Any equipment or space that is submetered can also have more specific data displayed on the software, allowing teams to identify areas of greatest energy consumption. Energy management software can use data from electric, water, and gas meters.

Why It Matters

Energy management software is crucial if you are collecting any sort of energy data. The software is what makes the data both legible and actionable, so that building performance can be maximized. With energy management software you can use energy data analytics, compare data from different submeters, collaborate with your team by sending notes and tasks for colleagues, and by receiving real-time alerts when there is irregular energy, water, or gas consumption detected. If you invest in any energy conservation measures, energy management software can help you use measurement and verification to see how effective the measures are.

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