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Monitor Your Energy and Facilities and Minimize Expenses during COVID-19

Aquicore has special features that can help you navigate the pandemic from home. Get started for free.

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At Aquicore, our mission is to create global impact by connecting people to buildings. To do our part during this uncertain time, we’re offering our services at no cost and no obligation through August 1, 2020.


  • Energy benchmarking vs. pre-COVID-19 baseline
  • Weekly cost curtailment tracker
  • COVID-19 total impact calculator
  • Building performance benchmarking vs. metro and regional peers
  • Remote energy monitoring (no hardware required)
  • Building systems expertise and advisory services

What you'll get:

Compare your building to its peers. Verify that your building’s HVAC and control systems are configured to minimize expenses. Quickly assess if more can be done.

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Measure the weekly and cumulative impact of COVID-19 in real time. Find and flag unusual conditions. Project the total impact of COVID-19 to recalibrate budgets and operating plans.

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Monitor your building’s daily energy use from home. Remote energy monitoring is proven to identify issues and unnecessary spending. Getting set up is easy – all we need is your utility information.*
*Rates and availability may vary by utility provider.

Benefit from free expert advice from Aquicore’s team of Building Systems Engineers, who will be available during your 90 day trial to provide strategic insight and guidance.

Join our growing community of like-minded CRE professionals. We are constantly rolling out new content to help you and your team get the most out of Aquicore and put your best foot forward.


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