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  • Best-In-Class Energy Analytics
  • Advanced Metering and Submetering
  • Emergency Alerts
  • Comprehensive Reporting

Best-In-Class Energy Analytics

Analytics should make your job easier; it shouldn’t be a job all by themselves. Aquicore delivers easy to understand building analytics for your entire portfolio with a simple click.

  • Compare similar buildings and meters to spot areas of improvement.
  • See your data in its larger context with weather normalization and building schedule overlays.
  • Identify long-term trends and plot the future of your portfolio with historical data.

Advanced Metering and Submetering

Top-down statistics provide only limited information about your building’s health and energy use. Engineers and building managers need information to do their jobs; they shouldn’t be guessing about where resources are going or what is going wrong.


  • Successive layers of smart meters build a detailed picture of what’s happening at any moment.
  • Break down resource consumption into distinct floors, units, rooms, or pieces of equipment.
  • A robust system of radio pulse transceivers prevents downtime and ensures data fidelity.

Emergency Alerts

Accidents happen, they’re a part of life. You can’t stop every accident from happening, but you can affect how your team responds to accidents. Give your team the tools they need to respond to problems immediately and minimize any associated damage or waste.


  • Monitor resource consumption and receive alerts if anything looks out of place.
  • Avoid false alarms with build-in variables including weather conditions, occupancy, and temperature.
  • Save millions of dollars in potential property damage by stopping small problems before they become big.

Comprehensive Reporting

Ditch the clip-boards and spreadsheet for ever.  With Aquicore, you can stop wasting time manually collecting and digging through raw meter readings and utility bills just to stay informed about energy consumption and equipment performance; that information now comes to you.


  • Receive high-level reports that keep you apprised of the daily and monthly resource use.
  • Input basic details to create Monthly Building Reports that go into granular detail.
  • Leverage data insights to identify long-term trends.

I love using Aquicore because it gives me a quick analysis and monitoring capabilities so I can then move forward with the most important items.

- Pat Fulps, Principal, Clarity Energy Consulting
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