Energy Management is more than a Dashboard. We Get It.

Reduce energy consumption and improve operations with real-time energy & utility transparency at every level: from individual equipment to entire portfolios.

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Real-time Energy Management in the Cloud

Stop waiting until next month's utility bill. Solve your most pressing portfolio energy challenges with real-time utility information from meters and submeters for complete transparency, continuous optimization and back-office automation.
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  • Building Scoping
  • Meter & Installation
  • Commissioning
Fast End-to-End Delivery

Experience fast and seamless delivery. Aquicore takes care of everything, from scoping to meter installation to commissioning, so you can start analyzing real-time data and creating meaningful value quickly.
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Superior Customer Success

Our dedicated customer success team will on-board your team and ensure that you are maximizing value through training, support, and check-ins.
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  • Facilities & Lease Management
  • Accounting Tools
Open Platform Integrations

Make the most of your data with Aquicore's Integrations, where you can integrate our trusted energy consumption data with your other critical tools and platforms.
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