The Aquicore Solution

  • High Resolution Views
  • Better Communication
  • Lower Operating Expenses
  • Business Process Change
  • Encrypted IoT
  • Self Install Devices
  • Data Analytics
High Resolution Views

Aquicore's simple, flexible hardware connects to new and existing meters to give you a deep look into the processes happening in your buildings.

  • Energy Notes
  • User-Specific Dashboards
  • Centralized Reporting
Better Communication

Intuitive communications tools make it easy to loop in key stakeholders at every level to create a more accountable, agile business environment.

  • Budget Tracking
  • Peak Load Analysis
  • Fault Detection
Lower Operating Expenses

Use Aquicore's advanced analytics tools to lower operational cost and increase asset values across your portfolio.

  • Shared Budget Tracking
  • Digital Data Collection
  • ENERGY STAR Automation
Business Process Change

Aquicore equips building teams with the tools they need to make their maximum impact. We learn from the best in real estate to automate manual steps.

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