Aquicore Tenant Billing

Automate Your Utility Bill-Back Process

Do More With Aquicore Tenant Billing

  • Error-free Bill Calculation
  • Personalized Tenant Invoicing
  • Accounting Integration
  • Remote Meter Reading

Error-free Bill Calculation

Manual calculation is a consistent source of billing errors. Errors result in lost revenues from undercharging or frustrated tenants from overcharging; either one is unacceptable. Aquicore generates bills directly from the data, removing room for human error.


  • Eliminate expensive calculation mistakes.
  • Free up your staff to focus on value-creating tasks.
  • Generate bills for net to triple-net leases or calculate spending on gross-lease tenants.

Personalized Tenant Invoicing

Manual meter reading no longer makes sense. Reading meters by hand is labor-intensive, prone to errors, and paper driven. There’s a better way.


  • Radio transceivers to let your meters “talk” to each other.
  • Data is collated and interpreted in a cloud environment.
  • Personnel access resource use data anytime or anywhere.

Accounting Integration

Take smart billing a step further with conditional accounting integration. Aquicore can seamlessly integrate with most ticketing and accounting solutions to make everyone’s life easier.


  • Save time by copying bills directly into your accounting software.
  • Reduce errors that could cost you at tax time.
  • Your accountants will thank you.

Remote Meter Reading

Aquicore helps you check another item off your to-do list with simple automated tenant utility billing. Our no-nonsense approval process automatically populates and sends tenant invoices with a single click.


  • Generate bills directly from your meters, eliminating room for errors.
  • Use a straightforward billing template that is clean, informative, and professional.
  • Work with our friendly customer success team for any special compliance requirements.


Using Aquicore has been great! Their automated tenant billing cut my monthly process from 2 days to 2 minutes. 

– Shaunta Lee, Property Assistant, MRP
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